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6.Level 2: STEAM kids: Building blocks combined with ARDUINO challenge (middle grade and above)

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This course has a total of 10 classes, each class is 120 minutes, 20 hours, every Sunday morning 10:00-12:00

About the course

1.啟發創造力: 學生將透過積木組裝、動手實作和程式編寫,培養創意思維,並在不同的比賽項目中展現獨特的巧思和解決問題的能力。

2.STEAM知識: 課程將融合科學、科技、工程、藝術和數學(STEAM)的原理,讓學生在比賽中學習並應用這些跨學科的知識。


3.團隊合作: 學生將參加不同賽事,培養合作和團隊協作的能力,學會與他人共同達成目標。

4.編程能力: Arduino使用程式語言如積木語言和C++,編寫控制電子設備的程式,培養編程和計算思維能力。


our teachers

Lawrence teacher team

Lawrence teacher team

Under the guidance of Mr. Lawrence, a super famous teacher in the science and technology competition, each class has hands-on practical courses, which are combined with the latest technology trends and research highlights of the science and technology competition, to understand the sustainable development of SDGs such as sanitation, water purification, clean energy, climate change and its impact. There are five goals, including marine conservation, marine conservation, and terrestrial ecology conservation, and it is expected to be connected to other goals across fields.

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