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2023 Summer Camp Robot Summer Camp- 
Little P’s Red Planet-Mars Return Plan
micro:bit shows off its magical powers

Little P wanted to go back to Mars to see his pet igneous rock during the summer vacation, but found that his space shuttle had been stolen, leaving only half of the parts of the robot wheat. How would he and wheat earn the travel expenses to return to Mars?


Suitable for: Little fans of robots from primary school 2 to primary 4 and above, students who want to learn about BBC microbit and image programming.

        I am not sure whether I will like the classmate who wants to try it first.

        Or students who want to open a store and become a boss

The camp’s five-day course a week allows you to become a micro:bit engineer from completely zero knowledge, and you can become a graphic control design software expert by participating in the two-week course.Don’t be obsessed in the third week and apply for a discount to join the AIOT Smart Internet of Things program of the youth camp Ah Hai!

Grade 3+ (21 × 29 cm) (28 × 20 cm) (30 × 20 cm) (21 × 29 cm) (28 × 20 cm) (1900 × 1000 pixels) (1
Grade 3 and above 0616.png

After curriculum design, the association will combine STEAM education elements in the field of science, technological exploration, mathematical calculation, logical design, and humanistic thinking courses across the United States. It is expected that children can cultivate the spirit of active learning, participate in practice, independent creation and discovery, and The ability to solve problems and still have confidence and courage to face unknown challenges!

3年級以上 (21 × 29 公分) (28 × 20 公分) (30 × 20 公分) (21 × 29 公分) (28 × 20 公分) (1900 × 1000 像素).pn

Course dates and​finalOffer: 

The fee includes meals and afternoon tea, provided by the associationMicrobit textbook, please be gentle with me

Important reminder: Courses useIf you use the BBC microbit provided by the association, you will not be able to take it back.You can purchase the V2.0 version by yourself

W7: 8/14-8/18, 4,800 yuan (five-day camp, quota available)
w8+9:  8/21-8/29, 5800 yuan (seven-day camp, quota available)
Sign up for the two-week camp 94
00 Yuan => In addition to the seven-day camp from 8/21 to 8/29, you can choose any other two weeks, which do not need to be consecutive. Please note the date in your message.


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