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Ah Hai, who is in junior high school, is a fan of robots that likes to create his own style. During the summer vacation, he received an Arduino surprise package. Throughout the summer vacation, he can design various sensing-related household appliances. After class, he brainstormed with a few friends. Participate directly in the technology competition!

Such an interesting Arduino surprise package!  Come and combine with Ahai to create smart home small appliances!

Do you have a mechanical fan at home who likes to disassemble and assemble DIY?  

This summer, the Science and Education Association is launching the first AIoT smart networking project suitable for junior high school students and above who need to use their brains and hands-on skills.

Each topic is closely related to the technological home appliances around us, allowing students to understand the concept of smart Internet of Things, which is in our lives! 

In the course, development boards are used with a variety of sensing components. Teacher Lawrence, a famous teacher in technology competitions, leads students to assemble common sensors on wearable devices and teaches you how to drive and apply these sensors.

The teaching materials are oriented to explain the Internet of Things case studies in simple terms. Not only do you listen to the lectures to absorb the latest technological topics, understand the principles and applications of AI image recognition, but you also use your hands and brain to try to assemble smart small appliances yourself. The course is busy and fulfilling, and it is so fun that you don’t want to go home!! 


Highlight 2

Another highlight of the course is the introduction of the latest bonus topic - What is the sustainability of the United Nations SDGs?Development goals?

How to strategically connect these life technologies with sustainable development in the shortest possible time? 

Want to participate in science and technology competitions? International science fairs? But you don’t have a teacher to adjust your direction?

Listened to technology briefings? Such asWhy use three pictures to introduce his favorite robot to everyone!?!

The connection between SDGs and 108 curriculum

The United Nations announced the "2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" in 2015.

It contains 17 goals, including 169 detailed goals, guiding countries around the world to unite in order to work together towards sustainability.

Science and Education Association Summer Junior High School/High School Camp - Introduction to AI Technology and Sustainable Environment Courses

Under the guidance of Mr. Lawrence, a super famous teacher in the science and technology competition, Arduino courses are implemented hands-on in each class.

All are paired with the latest technology trends and technology competition research highlights to understand the sanitation environment and water purification, and water purification in the sustainable development of SDGs.

Five goals including clean energy, coping with climate change and its impacts, conserving oceans, and conserving terrestrial ecology, and continue to

Cross-domain links to other goals.

The teacher guides the teaching step by step and repeatedly. Students who want to try but have no basic knowledge should not miss it!

Let everyone easily play with AIoT smart Internet of Things.

The teacher will take you step by step to actually operate Arduino. Two levels of high-intensity strategic learning will help you become an expert in small household appliances in your daily life.
Gain a better understanding of science and technology competition issues,


  • Programming is difficult? Is AIot smart Internet of Things far away?

  • In fact, getting started with C language is so simple and fun!

Get ready to show off your skills!!















What can the Science and Education Association do for students?

1. Tailor-made exclusive learning process:

  • Every child is a different individual and needs different forms of ladders to reach different stages; understanding and accepting children's preferences and interests does not mean indulgence and pampering, but rather having moderate and appropriate normative requirements so that they can be reconciled with their children. Setting reasonable growth stage goals is also the spirit of adaptability and talent promotion in the 108 curriculum.

2. Provide professional teachers and a top-notch advanced learning environment:

  • The Association of Science and Education has rich and diverse resources connecting industry, government, academia and research. The teaching team is very professional and is willing to teach everything they have. The teachers are divided into tasks, and the teaching hardware and equipment are advanced. Horses who are good at science and technology will meet Bole in the field of AI. Under the cultivation of the environment, we believe that Galileo Galilei will meet his mentor Ostilio Ricci and lead him to become a key figure in the history of modern science.

3. Strengthen foreign language skills:

  • International science exhibitions, the latest research presentations, discussions and sharing, and international competitions. In many international competitions, contestants need good foreign language skills to express and communicate to publish their creative works. The association provides adult/child English, Spanish, and Portuguese teachers’ physical teaching courses, using foreign languages. Discussing and refining the topics and ideas of the contestants, it is that simple to become the winner of international science and technology competitions.

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