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​Join as a member, there are many benefits!  The stored value feedback is very impressive

Member benefits and discounts are as follows:- 

The membership fee is 1,500 yuan, which can be used to offset the course fee.

Explanation of discounts for stored-value membership:

*Recharge 10,000 yuan, get 1,000 yuan, and stored-value gift: (from October 2012 to September 30, 2013, the stored-value gift is an ergonomic backpack, each person can only receive it once)

*Recharge 30,000 yuan, get 5,000 yuan free and enjoy one parent-child activity course a year.

*Recharge 60,000 yuan, get 15,000 yuan free and enjoy two parent-child activity courses a year.

Priority is given to reservations for top life stress relief courses, seats for popular industry-university lectures, and seats for winter and summer camps.


112 years of parent-child activity time

10/28 (Saturday) 1530-17:30 Halloween event



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