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Hsinchu City Science Education Promotion Association

SEA's Science Lab

The Hsinchu area is an important center for the science and technology industry, where rich and diverse resources related to industry, government, academia and research are gathered and exchanged. In 2023, the Science Education Association of HsinChu City was established with the purpose of finding opportunities to integrate these resources. Hope it can become its interactive platform. In addition to public welfare activities, the association has established "SEA's Science Lab team" to recruit elites in the academic field, emphasizing the needs, abilities and aptitudes and interests of young children, school children, teenagers and adults, and planning robot programming related courses and cross-field Study the theme and work together with Hsinchu City World High School to connect academic related resources and extend to industry contacts, planning to cultivate top makers professionally and systematically starting from school age.

Course features


​1.Systematic grading and stratification of courses-
two,Academic and industrial collaborative teaching-
three,Encourage competition to cultivate strength-
Four,The issue of extra points for further studies is integrated into the courses at all levels - ahead of schedule, with ease,

The association uses the United Nations SDGs as the main theme of the course, with 108 syllabus, and under the teacher's planning leadership, students are allowed to set their own topics/assignments and keep abreast of the latest scientific and technological issues.


        Description of SDGs: The United Nations announced the "2030 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs" in 2015, which includes 17 goals, including 169 detailed goals, guiding countries around the world Unite in order to work together towards sustainability.


Four,Learn happily and accumulate exclusive learning journey-We hope that the children who come to class will all have a happy smile. Under the association's series of plans, students can explore themselves and cultivate their own interests. The first-stage curriculum association is accompanied by stage records and results video display, and while learning happily, they will continue to accumulate. Exclusive learning journey.


Unparalleled advantages

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Systematic quality

Advanced courses

we are nurturing

Top Makercradle

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Continuous participation

Competitions inside and outside the school

EfficientImprove competitioncompetitiveness

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Professional teachers and


Top university-educated teachers

​The administrative team is located at World High School

Advance University Laboratory

​University professor guides teaching

Link to academic resources

​There is no ceiling for learning

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Extend academic environment

​Learning without ceiling

Link to university teaching resources

​Visit the experimentroom

​Cultivation of over-age studiesXi Genius

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Visit top companies

​Expand industry horizons

​​Thick learning files

Exclusive learning journey accumulation

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Standard hardware equipment

​Spacious classroom environment​

High standardStandard specifications

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Location with convenient transportation
School security guard stationed
Convenient parking on campus
Security guard

Science and Education AssociationWhat can you do for students?

2. Explore self-interests,

  • EveryEach child is a different individual and needs different forms of ladders to reach different stages. Accompanying the child to explore himself and accepting the child's preferences and interests does not mean indulgence and pampering, but has moderate and appropriate normative requirements, so that we can communicate with the child. Coordinate reasonable growth stage goals and respond toThe spirit of adaptability and promoting talents in the 108 curriculum.

3. Provide professional teachers and a top-notch advanced learning environment:

  • The association of science and education has rich and diverse connections between industry, government, and academia, and the teaching team is very professional. The teachers are divided into different tasks, and the teaching hardware and equipment are advanced. They can connect to the academic environment of the university and invite professors and scholars from various fields to teach the latest research results. Special courses We can also arrange lectures by industry experts and visits to top companies. Whether you are self-study at home, want to rent a classroom or seek resource assistance, or are interested in a specific field, students who are studying beyond their age can wander in the vast sea of learning. Cultivated in an environment without learning ceiling restrictions, Qianlima will meet Bole , we believe that GaGalileo Galilei will meet his mentor Ostilio Ricci again and lead him to become a key figure in the history of modern science.

4. Strengthen foreign language skills:

  • International science exhibitions, the latest research presentations, discussions and sharing, and international competitions. Many international competitions require good foreign language skills to express, communicate and present. We provide physical teaching courses for adults and children with professional teachers in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to discuss scientific and technological issues in foreign languages. , allowing you to become a consistent winner in international science and technology competitions.

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